Thank you for your lovely email. Because we travel a lot and have the opportunity to shop in Europe, we know that there is very little in quality clothing on this side of the Atlantic which is available for children. Yours are the exception! They are well styled, well made with quality fabrics, beautifully finished with exceptional detail and above all, very practical to!! As you can tell, we love them!  

V. H. - Bermuda

They are HERE and they are, OF COURSE, BEAUTIFUL! I just can't wait for the girls to see them!   SO very lovely. Thank you for the care you give your articles! You are the master!

C.A. - Pennsylvania

I’ve been eyeing your work for years, promising myself that if my daughter ever had a girl, I would buy one of your creations. She did ... and I did.

R.T. - Florida

Your craftsmanship is amazing. I live in Manhattan where there are a lot of children’s clothing shops, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

M.C. – New York

It is such a wonderful outfit; I know she’ll get the most wear out of it. She loved the hat--while she usually removes hats and barrettes immediately, she left the hat on and enjoyed our smiles and praise. Thank you for your beautiful work.

A.C. – New York

Thank you for such beautiful work! S. looks beautiful in the dress. They fit so well, but there is still plenty of room to grow. She is so eager to wear them and can, now with white turtlenecks. She will look great for Easter. You are very talented!

B.H. – Illinois

I just opened the box of dresses and I’m thrilled to death with all three of them...so-o-o cute. I love the buttons and loops and all of the fancy work on the bodice and bow. Thank you so very much for all your hard work. All my little ladies will just love their dresses. My husband thought that the dresses were really cute too.

J.B. - Connecticut

Well, two minutes after it came out of the box, O. was modeling her gorgeous dress! This is one happy little girl and she even started dancing in it. It is absolutely beautiful and she is thrilled. She adores the collar. The choice of fabric and style just confirms that you certainly have a great eye for fashion!

V.H. - Bermuda

As always, I continue to be amazed at your professionalism. You said you'd ship it out just before Thanksgiving and you hit your target again. It's such a pleasure doing business with you.

C.P. – New Hampshire

You have an eye for color that’s to die for. Thank you so much!

S.C. - Massachusetts

The outfits are absolutely perfect and A. went to town with me yesterday and received endless compliments in her "Olivia" top and pants, which are a perfect fit. She really loves it. We also got compliments about how beautifully they are made, from a shop assistant who is a seamstress! I expect to see the jumper dress tonight when she comes back for Christmas dinner. We gave it to her for a Christmas present!

V.H. – Bermuda

I just had to stop by and tell you that my girls are still wearing the dresses I bought two years ago, and they still love them! Thank you.

C.R. - Oregon

Thank-you for making my dress. I LOVE it! My pocketbook too!

M.G. (6 years old) – Vermont

I just wanted you to know that the dress and hat arrived safely and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! Your work is beautiful, as I knew it would be and the fabric combination is great. I don't think the hat is too matchy-matchy at all. It’s perfect.

A.H. – New Hampshire

My mother and I wanted to share this with you. It was just my parent's 50th wedding anniversary, and my mother wore her original dress and had new "bridesmaids" to take photos with. The girls love their dresses. Tomorrow we are having a party to celebrate and the girls will be wearing their beautiful matching dresses. THANK YOU!

D.C. – Pennsylvania

We love the dresses we bought today and on closer inspection there is no doubt that your detail work, both inside and outside the garments make them extremely special. They are truly children's couture.  

C.D. - Connecticut

The detail of your workmanship is exceptional and, as always, the highest standard and even her dad was "inspecting" it and expressing his amazement! The sleeves are perfect...not too puffy for her age and the length of the sleeves somehow seems the right maturity for her. Sorry about the grainy photos, but at least you have confirmation that it is a perfect fit.   It's a winner

T.S. - Germany

I wanted to let you know the hat arrived today, it’s adorable!! Thank you so much for the very cute hat w/ the beautiful material - you are a true artist!

S.L. – New Hampshire

The dress has arrived, and it’s perfect!Thank you so much.

L.C. - Minnesota

We just picked up the dress for P. today – it is truly exquisite! You are truly an artist!

L.C. – California

The dresses and hats arrived safely in Moldova. They are now in London!   Just a quick note with the photos.... they are all going from London to our son’s boss' wedding in Marbella (south east Spain) next weekend. This is the chosen outfit for A. (4-1/2) for the wedding!! Hope you are well. Cheers.

V.H. - Bermuda

Hi Mary-Alice, I hope this finds you well. Just a few pictures of A. in one of her favorite outfits! :) She loves to wear this everywhere. It has lasted well, and still fits nicely. We will send off a picture in her new dress soon! Thank you so much for all your kindness to me and my mother. We so enjoy seeing you at the Fair each year. Looking forward to next year! Take care.

D. C. - Pennsylvania

I picked up the parcel this afternoon and the dresses and hats are stunning! So beautiful. I can't wait for photos of the girls wearing them.

B.L. – South Carolina

Thought you would like to see our granddaughter in Moldova, in your beautiful dress and hat. A. is two (in her size 3 dress. She's a honey :) Thank you and best wishes.

V.H. - Bermuda

The dress and purse arrived today. It’s great. Thanks, Mary-Alice. It is a pleasure to know you and do business with you.

C. W. – Japan

I thought you might like to see a couple pictures of my granddaughters in your beautiful dresses. K. is 4 and K. is 2 and they loved the dresses and having their picture taken. Thank you again.

M.L. – Virginia

Here are the cute girls and their very cute dresses!!! Thank you so much!

H.H. – New Hampshire

I brought you this photo so you can see how delighted my granddaughter is with her new outfit. It’s beautiful and arrived in Turkey in perfect condition. Thanks for all of your work and attention to getting it to her safely.

L.P. – North Carolina

D.’s outfit arrived today and it’s beautiful! It fits so well now, but I am sure she will be able to wear this next year as well. Your work is truly amazing and we are so glad we found you. Thanks very much. Take care.

P.E. – Texas

Hi Mary-Alice, The dress and hair bow are spectacular! Funny thing, though. One of my sons saw the dress and hair bow and said 'oh, is that the dress for D., and is the bow tie for W.?" W. is D's brother. So, guess what I want to ask for now? Can you make a bow tie for a little boy - the kind with a clip on? If so, I'd love to have one to match D's dress. Just imagine how cute they'd both be!

C.P. – New Hampshire